How to fix cache on kodi while streaming videos

Buffering is one of the main reason for breaking my console too often. It’s too irritating when the kodi buffers that too when watching my favorite contents. One fine day instead of breaking my console, I researched a little about fixing this problem. After a few hours of research, I found a solution. But I was a little embarrassed after finding it. The solution to the Kodi buffering issue is so simple. All you need to do is just clear cache on Kodi.

Before entering into the solution, let me explain what is buffering and why it occurs in kodi. Buffering is a process of preloading the data info the kodi. Since we are streaming the content from the internet, there is some time delay between the receiving and playing the content. This delay time is called buffering. The time of buffering purely depends on the size of the buffer memory.

The buffer memory is the place where the data is pre loaded during the streaming. When you are streaming the certain content, the small amount of data will be pre-loaded into the buffer. And the data from the buffer will be transferred to the RAM for playing the contents. Now during the playback time, the buffer will be empty and the next set of data will be preloaded.

And this process repeats till the end of the streaming. And one of the prime reason for cache issue is your buffer memory and cache memory contains lots of temporary files. You need to remove all those files to fix the issue. You can use indigo kodi addon to fix the issue. You can install the indigo kodi addon from the supremacy repository.

How to install indigo kodi addon

  1. Go to settings > File manager > Add source > None.
  2. Enter the URL as “” and give any name for it.
  3. Go to home screen > Addons > Installer > Install from zip file.
  4. Now select supremacy file.
  5. Wait till the repo is installed.
  6. Select install from repository > program addons > Indigo kodi addons.
  7. Select install and wait for the notification.

Thus indigo kodi addon has been installed. Now open the addon and choose maintenance tools. Now select clear cache. And also make sure to delete thumbnails. These are some of the unwanted temporary files which use up some of the spaces. Deleting these files will clear the cache memory. And provide some free space to load extra streaming data.

Most probably this will fix the issue and you can stream the content seamlessly. If you are still facing the issue, you can modify the XML file to increase the cache memory allocation. But this method is only for the advanced users. Try the XML method at your own risk. These are available ways to fix the cache issue in kodi.

Hope this article is clear and informative. If you are still facing some issue do let us know, we would be glad to solve the issue.

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