How to play games on Kodi krypton 2018

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming software application which can be used for streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and much more entertainment things. With the use of simple plug-in Kodi will allow you to add your game libraries and display full box art for your games. In the article, we will take you to the Kodi Rom Collection Browser plug-in and show you how to import your first Kodi games library. Now let us see how to play games on Kodi.

How to Play Games on Kodi

This guide is for users who can install Kodi on the Windows operating system. Before you proceed check that you have the following items on your computer:

1. Make sure that you have installed Kodi on your system.
2. Make sure that you have installed any emulators which you want to setup in Kodi.
3. Check that you have the Rom collections you want to launch ready to add as a Kodi games library.
4. Download the Rom Collection Browser Kodi addon.

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Rom Collection Browser Download

The Rom Collection Browser plug-in can be downloaded from the official Kodi repository. You can download the Rom Collection Browser addon from the Official Kodi Repository.

First you need to create a folder on your computer that will hold your box artwork for your games collections and then install the Rom Collection Browser plug-in.

Rom Collection Browser Setup

When you have downloaded the Rom Collection Browser plug-in, then you can launch Kodi and install it.

Once installed, Go to the Kodi main menu and click on the Programs and you will see Rom Collection Browser listed in your available programs. You have to click on it and it will launch the addon for the first time. When it loads you will be asking to create a config file.

Now, you can click “Yes” and it will setup a fresh file. Now, it will ask you what you want to do with the artwork that Rom Collection Browser uses for your games.

The primary option is “Scrape game info and artwork online” will download your box art on the fly when the addon is launched. The secondary option is “Game info and artwork are available locally” will download all artwork so that it is available when your media center has not connected to the Internet.

Setting up an Emulator in Rom Collection Browser

If you select your artwork option, it will ask you to select a folder for the artwork to be downloaded. Go to the folder which you have already created at the start of this guide and click OK. Now, you will be asked to show what type of Kodi games library you want to add and which games system it is for.

Now the screen requires you to enter any emulator parameters. For the majority of system emulators the default option is fine. If the particular emulator requires them, then the Command line parameters will be added here . If you are unsure click on “Done” and you can see what result you get when you have completed this guide.

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Access Your Kodi Games Library

To access your Kodi game libraries, you have to go to Programs on your Kodi home screen and select the Rom Collection Browser. Now, you can see all of your games listed with full box art and game information. If you click on a game, it will call the required emulator and launch the title. Note that Kodi will launch the emulator and the game they are two separate applications. You have to configure the settings within the emulator like full screen or game controller support to finish. If you want to exit and return to Kodi by simply exit the emulator.


In this article, we can explain about how to play games on Kodi elaborately. You can refer this guide to install and play games on your Kodi app. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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