How to watch Pay-Per-View (PPV) events using Kodi

Pay-Per-View (PPV) is a television service which allows the users to stream events on the basis of paid subscription. It provides events such as feature films, sports events, and other entertainment programs. The primary focus of PPV is to combat sports events such as boxing, MMA, and professional wrestling and other sports events. Most of the people watch PPV on Kodi because of the free services provided by its add-ons. There is a lot of official and unofficial addon available on kodi which helps the users to access free and paid streams. In addition, it is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac iOS, Linux and much more.

Here we will give some list of best Best addons to watch PPV on Kodi.

Best Kodi Add-ons with PPV

1. Sports Devil

Sports Devil is one of the best and most popular Kodi addon. This addon has a wide variety of content. It provides access to different contents like Live TV, Blogs, Sports TV, Highlights, Live Sports, and much more. Very interesting fact about this addon is, it allows you to stream all the PPV content which includes NFL, WWE, UFC, MMA, and boxing. It also provides contents of Football, Hockey, Rugby and much more. One more important aspect of sports devil is that it can stream live action on daily basis.

2. Planet MMA

If you are a fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), then you are the perfect audience for this addon. It is one of the best sports addons which provides you with a lot of interesting content of MMA/UFC and other sports events. There are 30 sections in this addon. It allows watching live programs and on-demand videos and certain documentaries. It is provided with Real Debrid contents. If you have an account you can access its content, even with PPV.

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3.Rising Tides

Rising Tides, It provides a wide range of different categories. It is available with a large library of sports content which will be updated on daily basis. This addon allows you to stream Live TV shows/ Sports, events, etc. When seeking for PPV content, here we can find a separate section “Live PPV Events”, which will provide the most trending events and upcoming events content. It may take some time to load the event, it will be preferred to open the link 30 minutes before so that it will be compatible with your internet.

4. Fight Tube

If you are looking for a variety of sports content( particularly fights), then we recommend Fight Tube for you.  It has a big list of categories. The categories include boxing, UFC, WWE, kickboxing and other similar sports. Here you can find Showtime Sports and HBO Boxing. It doesn’t have a dedicated category for PPV, but it has a wide range of PPV replays content.

5.Maverick TV

Maverick Tv allows you streaming Live Tv shows, movies, Sports, Documentaries and much more. It is an all in one addon where you can find everything you looking for. All the categories are well organized. It has a separate section Maverick Sports and IPTV Extra. It provides 100+ channels. Live Sports is available with update on daily basis. It has a lot of interesting contents to explore.

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